Big Bang Baby - Welcome to the Home of Big Bang Baby

Big Bang Baby is a high energy, larger than life rock experience. From the ski slopes of Killington, VT to the beaches of Ocean City, MD, BBB never disappoints. Now they’re bringing it to YOUR town - so either get on board, or step aside and hold your ears. Big Bang Baby always delivers a real rock show!

As Big Bang Baby's charismatic frontman and lead vocalist, Paul brings an unusual combination of entertainer and entrepreneur to the band. As a businessman, Paul has led Big Bang Baby's instant rise to the top of the cover circuit, and his talent and showmanship has attracted fans all over the East Coast. Prior to founding Big Bang Baby, Paul was an in-demand bassist, performing internationally with Geffen Records artists, and touring & recording with well-known national acts. You can now also catch this multi-faceted musician on drums and guitar while on stage with Big Bang...and you can always expect him to deliver a show unlike any other!

Music has been John's passion ever since he received his first Cookie Monster piano.  In addition to playing bass guitar in Big Bang Baby, John is an avid multi-instrumentalist (guitar, double-bass, piano, and more) and an active composer of classical music and film scores. When not performing with the band, John enjoys fine Bordeaux, Kubrick films, and Taco Bell.

Big Bang Baby's self-proclaimed 'Meanest Pianist' has been singing and playing piano since he was seven. Soon after, Matt picked up guitar and began working as a solo act, developing a love for The Beatles and Pink Floyd along the way. But once he tried his hand on the cover circuit, there's been no looking back...especially since he luckily finds himself a keyboardist, vocalist and guitarist in the craziest and hardest-working band around!

Dave was already a legend in his own mind when he joined Big Bang Baby. Having been in and out of some of the area’s hottest bands, he’s played all over the tri-state area, providing high energy, awesome chops and amazing hair. When he’s not performing or practicing for his next show, Dave must be sleeping, cuz that’s pretty much all he does.

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Big Bang Baby - Welcome to the Home of Big Bang Baby

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